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Your Guide to US College Admission for Nigerian Students

For Nigerian students looking to go to the US for college, understanding the different exams and pathways available is essential. In this blog post, we are giving you a guide to US college admission for Nigerian students. We will guide you through the examination options, including WAEC for Nigerian curriculum students and IGCSE and/or A-Levels or IB for British curriculum students. We will also discuss the conversion of grades using the provided conversion table. Additionally, we will touch upon other important exams such as SAT or ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL. Let's dive in!


Exams to take:

If you go to a Nigerian curriculum high school, you would be required to take the WAEC exam and if you go to a British curriculum, you would be required to take the IGCSE exams. You could take the SATs right after IGCSE and apply to universities, but if you want to apply to top schools and have a stronger application, taking the A-Levels might help. This is even a requirement for many top colleges in the US. You might also choose to take the IB exams after IGCSE, which is neither British nor Nigerian, which would also satisfy the same requirements as A-Levels.

WAEC (West African Senior School Certificate Examination)

The WAEC examination is an exam for Nigerian curriculum students in their final year of secondary school (SS3).

It is important to excel in the WAEC exams as they are a requirement for admission to Nigerian universities and some African institutions.

To prepare for the WAEC exams, make use of study resources, past question papers, and consider joining study groups or seeking guidance from teachers or tutors.

IGCSE, A-Levels, or IB (International Exams)


Grade Conversion

  • Grade conversion is essential for international students to understand how their Nigerian or British curriculum grades align with the American GPA system.

  • Here is a grade conversion table to help you convert your grades:

Nigerian Grades

British Grades

American GPA




























Please note that this conversion is a general guideline, and some universities may have their own specific conversion scales. It is advisable to check with the universities you are applying to for their preferred conversion method.


US-Specific Exams for International Applications

The SAT or ACT exams are usually necessary, but a lot of universities in the US have started removing the requirement and you can now apply without taking either test. You might need to take the TOEFL exam as it is required by many universities to show proof of English proficiency for international students. We recommend, however, that you check whether you are required to take it by speaking with admissions at the college you are planning on applying to.


SAT or ACT scores are often required for admission to universities in the US.

The SAT focuses on critical reading, math, and writing, while the ACT assesses English, math, reading, and science reasoning.

Prepare for these exams by using practice materials, taking preparatory courses, or seeking guidance from test prep resources. Contact us if you need help preparing with your SAT or ACT exams!

SAT Subject Tests (optional)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)


The F1 Visa Process:

The exams and university application process is closely tied to the F1 student visa process, as you need them all to study in the US. Refer back to this blog post which goes through a step-by-step guide of navigating the US F1 visa process, from getting a college acceptance letter all the way to getting into the US.


Now you know how to navigate the process of US college admission for Nigerian students!

Nigerian students can use WAEC, IGCSE, and/or A-Levels or IB to go to university in the US. Be aware of other exams such as SAT or ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL too. Use our grade conversion table to also convert your grades to the American GPA if needed. Lastly, stay informed about the F1 visa process to complete your academic journey abroad successfully.

Ready to take the next step towards pursuing your education abroad? We're here to help! Whether you have questions about exam preparation, grade conversion, university applications, or the F1 visa process, our team is dedicated to providing guidance and support. Schedule a call with us (use our home page Calendly to schedule a time) or email us at for assistance!

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