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CollaboratHive helping international students connect with top canadian and american university ambassadors


You're now part of the CollaboratHive crew, representing a league of top universities from across the map. You'll shape futures, offer guidance, and create an inspiring path for aspiring students.

To start accepting tasks, make sure to complete your profile. This includes adding a profile picture and filling in all the other fields in your profile. You also need to set your availability (from your profile) to let us know when you can accept calls.

Chat With a Student

Give insights into campus life, academics, work rigor, and answer any questions the student has.

Essay Review

You have already written the essays to get into your university. You clearly crushed them. Here, you will help others crush them too. You'll leave comments, give tips, and help them make it better.

Application Support

Here,  you will help with college essays and the entire application. Students have unlimited consultations and revisions with you so they end up with an amazing application.

What you could be doing

Once you complete your profile and set your availability, you don't have to do anything else! When a student selects you for a service, you will get an email with all the details and meeting link.

What's next?

Have a question? Chat with us!

You would love chatting with us if:


You want to gain insights into how you can network with other student ambassadors and collaborate on initiatives that matter.


You want to find out how you can help shape the experience of incoming international students and positively influence their transition to university life.

You have questions about the responsibilities, opportunities, and support available to you as an ambassador.


Schedule time to chat here!

Join our community!

Join our discord to connect with other students from other top universities around the US and Canada. We are building the largest community of current and prospective students. This will help you network, find new opportunities, know where you will go to grad school, and much more while helping prospective students find their way!

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