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CollaboratHive helping international students connect with top canadian and american university ambassadors


Welcome to CollaboratHive! Join our community of students, parents, counselors, and educators. Explore resources, connect with current students, and shape brighter futures together!

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Who is connecting?

Tell us your preferred universities, and we'll connect you with students from there! Don't see your university in the dropdown? Simply type it in!


Get personalized insights and tips from students currently attending your dream universities! If you want to connect someone else instead of you, just select the "I am connecting someone else" option and we will reach out to you.

Choose Meeting Time

Select a time to meet virtually with your ambassador (for essay review and application support, this will schedule an initial consultation).

Find Your Ambassador

Choose the ambassador who best matches your university and program interests. You can filter by university and major.

Select the Service You Want

Pick from our services: chatting with a student ambassador, getting college essay reviews, or getting application support. We can also build a custom package for you!

How does it work?

Have a question? Chat with us!

You would love chatting with us if:


You're interested in learning more about our tailored resources for parents, educators, and other stakeholders.


You want to explore how CollaboratHive can complement your role as an educator or counselor.

You're seeking to enhance your college guidance.



You're looking to engage your students with a platform that offers valuable insights into college applications and university life.


You want to collaborate with us to empower students and provide them with comprehensive support on their academic journey.

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Join our community!

We are building the largest community of current and prospective students. Join our discord and network, find new opportunities, get help and guidance, access resources, and ask us questions. It's a no brainer!

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