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CollaboratHive helping international students connect with top canadian and american university ambassadors

Attract international students the right way

Personalize your international student recruitment. Build a student ambassador program, examine demographics and other important data, drive more leads, and access a pool of qualified students.

Lack of personalization

63% of prospective students want to connect with current international students before applying, yet we don't prioritize having an effective student ambassador program.

Limited resources

Limited resources mean university personnel can't do a million things, often lacking in international recruitment specifically. So let's help.

Lack of qualified leads

You could probably spend a lot on marketing but end up with unqualified leads, making finding qualified international leads very expensive and probably not worth it.

Lack of visibility

High costs and little data mean there is often a lack of visibility for universities internationally, making universities miss out on a huge untapped market.

Not enough data

Do you know which countries are most interested in your university? What major? What attracts them? What do they really want?

What are the problems with international student recruitment?

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Don't just take our word for it. The data says it all


of students said it was important that the university they choose offers a dedicated advice service for international students.

- QS International Survey


of prospective students wanted to talk to current international students before applying to universities.



of prospective students wanted the ability to speak to current students to reduce worries when applying to universities.

- QS International Survey

Loads of personalization

We build and manage your student ambassador program. We leverage your student ambassadors on our platform, increasing interactions with interested students and boosting engagement.

Unlimited resources

By partnering with us, you can focus on core educational goals while we handle the complexities of international student recruitment.

Lots of qualified leads

We are building a vetted network of international high schools, so you can directly reach out to qualified students for scholarships, admissions, or communication.

We give you all the data

With us, you know which countries are most interested, what majors they like best, what attracts them, and what type of leads turn into applicants and then into students. This lets you refine your whole international marketing plan to do what works.

How are we changing the narrative?

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By international students, for international students

We are international students and we have data from thousands of other international students. We already know what we want and what works. Let's help you attract more students through personalization and data analysis.

All eyes on you

From expressing interest to attending your events and connecting with ambassadors, we facilitate multiple touchpoints for lead generation, making learning about your university easier and more personalized than ever.

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