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CollaboratHive helping international students connect with top canadian and american university ambassadors

Don't just take our word for it. The data says it all


of students said it was important that the university they choose offers a dedicated advice service for international students.

- QS International Survey


of prospective students wanted to talk to current international students before applying to universities.



of prospective students wanted the ability to speak to current students to reduce worries when applying to universities.

- QS International Survey

College Counseling Done the Right Way

Improve your college counseling - connect directly with universities, showcase your students' talents to top universities, connect with student ambassadors, and get free resources and webinars.

Lots of exposure

We expand students' horizons by connecting them directly with a wide range of universities and providing them with all the data and information needed to apply to and get settled in the US and Canada.

Unlimited resources

With CollaboratHive providing webinars, resources, personalized guidance, and more, it's like you have unlimited resources to get the job done.

Making the life of counselors easier

With our solutions of connecting students with student ambassadors, personalized guidance, webinars, and other free resources, counselors love us for making their life easier.

Networking all day long

We connect students with current student ambassadors from universities, as well as with admission representatives, giving them all the networking opportunities needed to get information and make decisions.

How are we changing the narrative?

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By international students, for international students

As former international high school students ourselves, we understand the unique challenges of this journey. We bring insights from a global community of students just like yours, aiming for higher education in the U.S. and Canada. With CollaboratHive, your school gains access to tailored resources, direct connections to top universities, and personalized guidance to enhance your students' educational pathways. We wish we had this in high school.

Real-time updates

We ensure that students and counselors have access to the latest information about admissions, scholarships, and program offerings. By constantly updating our resources and webinars, we keep you informed about the ever-changing landscape of universities.

Limited exposure

Students may not receive enough information about the wide range of international universities and programs available to them.

Limited resources

Limited resources mean counselors can't do a million things, meaning guidance will lack too.

Overwhelmed counselors

High student-to-counselor ratios, means counselors feel overwhelmed and may not be able to provide thorough and personalized assistance.

Lack of real-time updates

Counselors may not always have the most current information about changing admission policies, scholarships, and program offerings at various universities.

Lack of networking opportunities

Students often miss out on direct interaction with university representatives or current college students, which can be crucial for making informed decisions.

What is wrong with your current college counseling?

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